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Top 3 High Tech Ways to Track What You Eat

Tracking what you eat can be a very difficult thing to do, even a 300-calorie mistake which seems to be very little in the long run can put you way over your calorie deficit which is why people need to learn how to start tracking their calorie intake or else risk hitting another weight loss plateau.

The first thing you need to do is go on your phone and download myFitnessPal it will tell you how many calories are in a certain type of food and weight, this can give you a fairly decent approximation of how many calories you will take in in a day. Keep in mind that my fitness pal does not work well with things like ethnic food.

The second thing you need to do is to buy a food weight which will tell you precisely how much calories you are taking in, a food weight will enable far more accurate calorie counting then simply an app on a phone. If you hit a weight loss plateau, try using a food weight to see perhaps if you are eating too many calories.

The third thing you need to do it’s just start tracking how many calories you are expending, just checking how many calories you are taking in is not going to be useful if you’re ignoring half of the equation aka the amount of calories you are expending, use things like the step counter in order to find how many calories you are outputting as a result of walking.

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