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SEO ist mehr als nur “Backlinks kaufen”

Backlinks are the biggest topics of discussion when it comes to the matter of optimization of a website. The direct hits from the search engine result page are definitely of prime importance. But it is not always possible to be on the first page of hits when there are so many new websites and old ones in the same category as your website. There are also very little chances of people actually checking the second, third and other pages in the search engine results page. So backlinks are your best bets. If you visit www.lynkhero.com you would learn about lots of good ways to improve the optimization of your website. The optimization is not just about the search engine ranking or the backlinks alone. There are numerous other parameters to study. Some websites help other websites to buy backlinks or even to buy clicks. All of these are ways that people use thinking that they can trick the search engine. But such tricks do not result in long-term improvement of the website ranking.

Paid links and penalties

It is definitely not a bad idea to buy backlinks. And there are many out there who use this strategy for their ranking. It does help you save a lot of time. And the biggest benefit is that you can obtain the intended results in a short duration. But these are the superficial benefits that most people see. Do not be blind about these benefits when you plan to increase your backlinks. Did you know that Google can penalize websites that buy backlinks? People are getting smarter in devising ways to fool the search engines and to manipulate the results. But Google is also getting smarter. Though Google doesn’t catch all the instances of websites buying backlinks, if it does, the results are going to be detrimental for your website and all the efforts that you put into it.