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How to Make a Successful YouTube Channel in 2018

The halcyon days of YouTube no longer exist. YouTube has become a place where people are monetizing their every minute online. You can find everything from a tutorial on how to boil tea to an elaborate makeup tutorial involving prosthetics and the like.

Since YouTube has moved from being a website where people uploaded whatever they wanted to, or found interesting, it is time for aspiring YouTubers to learn a few tricks to help them find success in this platform.

Top Tips For YouTube Success

The main thing about YouTube is how many shares, likes, comments a video gets. The point is to make a video and allow it to have an organic growth on the site. For some idea on monetizing your channel, check out Themarketingheaven. There are a few other tips that will help you along:

  1. Research is everything. If you are starting a channel in 2018, then, the chances of creating original content is a bit low. However, researching what’s what goes a long way in creating relatable content of top-notch So, if you are doing a makeup tutorial, then check out what everyone is up to in that niche with a keyword search and map trends before you make a tutorial video.
  2. Everything from the content of your video, its production quality, and its title will play a role in getting the video ranked. So, if you have to make a mark, take a leaf out of content-driven websites and optimize your content for a search engine.
  3. Click-throughs for YouTube videos are everything. So, for a person to click to your video the thumbnail has to look good and the preview has to be engaging as well.
  4. The longer your video is watched, the more money YouTube makes from you. When you are checking out the analytics of your video, you can find out the portion of your video when a user loses engagement and you can work on creating content that has users watch the entirety of your content. The reasons to watch could be many folds – a reward, or a shorter video that is edited well.
  5. Playlists are your friend. YouTube usually has a premixed playlist – this uses their patented analytics for what people want to watch usually. Some users prefer to go on autoplay, some people make a deliberate choice. Find out who is taking the time to click on your videos in the playlist and work with that.