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Hostgator vs eHost Reseller Hosting Features and Pricing Comparison

While talking about reseller hosting service providers, you should always look for those providers which are low in cost but provides lots of benefits. Hostgator and eHost are such reseller hosting service providers which fall into this category. While Hostgator is new in the market, eHost is ruling the market from 1996. Today, Hostgator is quite a popular name in the market of web hosting, but eHost can be supposed as the Pathfinder.

If you go through a study of eHost v/s Hostgator, it will be easier to know which one to buy. Before that, you need to know a brief overview of these two web hosting services.

eHost Hosting – A Brief Overview

This is one of the most reputed and the old web hosting services in the industry. eHost has started its journey from 1996 and has gathered rich experience in web hosting so far. It comes with lots of amazing features, like SEO tools, website builder, free cPanel, etc. which help users in various ways. Not only that, but eHost has set examples with such features for the future web hosting service providers. People, who have personal blogs or run small businesses, eHost provide enough assistance to them.

Hostgator Hosting – Introduction

In 2002, Brent Oxley founded Hostgator and it took no time to become one of the most vital web hosting service providers in the industry. The web hosting service of Hostgator includes shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. These are basically designed for the niches, like WordPress, Joomla, and also for bloggers.

eHost and Hostgator – Reseller Hosting Pricing Comparison

Before talking about differences, you should know an interesting fact about these two web hosting service providers. These two are cheap web host that provide higher-rated services at much lower cost than the other existing web hosts in the market.

Now, eHost comes with only one reseller hosting package that is worth of $12.50 per month. If you use the promo link, you can get the web solutions at $12.75 per month. Having 50% off is not a matter of joke! Along with that, shared hosting of eHost comes with several free features, like site builder, domain name, and marketing tools.

Not only the cheaper rate, but eHost is famous for providing their customer a 45-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with their service, you will get your money back.

While it comes to Hostgator, the reseller hosting service usually starts at $12.95 per month. There is month-to-month billing cycle available. If a customer buys it with 36-months-billing-cycle, he needs to pay less and the charge will start from $14.95 per month. That means you are getting only 43.17% discount. In comparison with eHost, the discount rate is lower here and also you need to pay more for the similar services in Hostgator than eHost. But, you are getting a same money-back guarantee as eHost.

eHost and Hostgator – Variety of Features

eHost is basically a reputed reseller hosting provider, while Hostgator is the appropriate address of all your web hosting solutions. To have clear ideas about the comparative study, you should know the features of the two.

If you go for eHost, you will be served with unlimited storage and bandwidth, MySQL DBs, unlimited bandwidth, free email addresses at customers’ webmail, domain, email forwarding, customizable spam filters, auto-responders and so on.

Now, the interesting thing is, Hostgator also provides all these features to its customers and that’s why it has gained worldwide popularity.

After the comparative study, it has been clear that both of them are similar kind of web hosts. But, eHost is always better as it is available at a much cheaper rate than Hostgator.…