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How Technology is Changing the Way Infectious Diseases are Tracked

Technology is becoming an integral part of human lives. It’s true in all countries irrespective of them being high-income, middle or low-income countries. Now the three-quarters of the total world population has access to mobile phones. Technology has created a positive impact on most of the field. For instance, you could check out the best pest control companies glasgow understand the new and efficient pest control systems that have been developed, thanks to technology. The increase in mobile phone access and the internet has a great implication on how infectious disease could be tracked better across the globe.

Even though the validated and robust traditional methods of collection of data rely on the established sources like hospitals, governments, census data, etc, it suffers from various limitations like high cost, latency, and financial barriers.

With the advent of technology, crowdsourcing data helps the researchers to gather the information or data in real-time as and when the individuals get diagnosed or at times even before they get diagnosed. Getting people to report the infectious diseases makes them more aware. Even though using the text message option in phones, people can report infectious diseases. As the mobile phone access has increased around the world, short messaging service has proven to be a good source of surveillance and reporting. It is the best source during emergency situations when other regular communication sources are disrupted. Even during non-emergency situations, text messaging is the best source to report the disease. Even the health workers can reach out to patients through messaging to remind them about the post-treatment review and medication adherence.

Through the internet also the disease could be easily tracked as there are various sites which report the news and one can track the data online. All the information pertaining to the illness could be available in the sites.