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Cybersecurity In The Boardroom: The Complete Guide For Security Professionals

Historic decisions in the lifetime of a company are taken after valuable discussions in the boardroom.  A boardroom is a place where important business strategies and sensitive information of fraud happenings, financial results etc are discussed.  It is very important to ensure foolproof cybersecurity in the boardroom.  Today’s technology offers simple solutions for protecting data.  Also, cybersecurity is needed in all branches of finance.  One can easily understand how a video verification of identity can help to make safety checks simple and effective.

Cybersecurity can be ensured by implementing an acceptable usage policy.  This policy lays down the purposes for which employees cannot use office systems and laptops.  Normally few websites demand access to camera and other data stored in laptops.  The policy should clearly lay down that using office laptops for browsing such sites is not allowed.  Usage of such sites will lead to data theft.

Employees must be trained to use IT gadgets safely and sensibly.  Training makes them aware of the existing threats and prompts them to take precautionary steps.  They will realize the importance of adhering to safety policies.

Ransomware should not be used.  Employees should be instructed to use only standard hardware and software provided by the organization.  Such a step will prevent virus attacks on servers.

Emphasize on password protecting sensible data.  Also, back up of data will serve as a protection in case of virus attack.

Cybersecurity is important for all the employees of the organization, even for the directors.  Following the cybersecurity policies by the top management will set an example for the middle and lower management employees to follow the same without fail.

Cybersecurity is more important for the boardroom members who constantly communicate confidential information.  Any data leakage due to not following the policy will affect the confidence of clients and result in the poor image for the entire organization.

Tips Choosing The Best Small Personal Loan

There are numerous financial institutions which offer personal loans.  Following tips can be used for choosing the best personal loan:

Interest rate:

Even a small difference in loan interest rate would work out to the considerable difference in the amount repaid.  Always choose the loan given at the lowest possible interest rate.  There are websites which provide comparison data of interest rates.  If the interest rate is a fixed rate, analyze the market trend before taking the loan.  If interest rates indicate likely downward movement in future, floating interest rate has to be selected.


There are many lenders in the market who offer personal loans without security.  Hence do not select lending institutions which demand security/ Multiple guarantees/ Margin money etc.  Only the loan with simple documentation has to be selected.

Repayment period:

The more the repayment period, the lower will be the EMIs.  Hence repayment will not result in a financial crunch for the borrower.  Please select the ones which offer higher repayment period.


Processing charges and the preclosure penalty should not be too high.  Also, there should not be any hidden charges.  Only such personal loan has to be selected.

Customer service:

The lender must process the loan fastly.  Also, the lender should offer easy modes of repayment like an electronic transfer.

These days almost all the financial institutions have websites and provide full details.  Websites like http://www.nettivipit.fi/vippi-20/ offer full details of the loan product and FAQs also.  Besides most of them offer 24*7 support.

The customer service should be prompt and friendly.  Any discrepancy in the loan as result of delay/mistakes from the lender side would affect the credit rating of the borrower only.  Hence personal loan must be taken from lending institutions which provide prompt customer service where all the above-mentioned features are present.